On 7 November 2009 Dunedin's old music hall theatre, known as Sammys since the 1980s, hosted a line up of three bands with links to the Flying Nun record label - The Bats, David Kilgour & the Heavy Eights and The Puddle, plus new-comers Haunted Love.

The event was recorded and filmed with the help of some Dunedin film students with the idea of sharing it with fans of the bands around the world by way of a "virtual show" highlights download. More importantly, this provided an excuse to document for posterity what proved to be a most memorable night of music.

This song is from The Puddle's set early in the evening as the crowd was building up. The Puddle have been an NZ underground music institution for 25 years now. "Into the Moon" is from the band's 1991 Flying Nun Records album of the same name. The Puddle have two recent albums out on Dunedin label Fishrider Records.

Produced by: Ian Henderson
Directed/ edited by: Max Segal
Film Crew: Dan Hunter, Adam Hermans, Max Segal, Luke Padgett, Tess Bunny
Sound Engineer: Tex Houston
Assistant Sound Engineer: Stephen Kilroy
Lighting: Logan Hampton

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