Smith|Allen participated in the Project 387 Residency, located in Mendocino Country from August 4-18, 2013.

In the heart of a 150-acre redwood forest, the collaborative duo created a site responsive, 3D printed architectural installation: Echoviren. The project merges architecture, art and technology to explore the dialectic between man, machine and nature.
Spanning 10 x 10 x 8 feet, Echoviren is a translucent white enclosure, stark and artificial against the natural palette of reds and greens of the forest. Echoviren was fabricated, printed, and assembled on site by the
designers. Through the use of architectural technologies and a battery of consumer grade Type A Machines desktop 3D printers, the duo constructed the world’s first 3D printed, full-scale architectural installation.

About Smith|Allen
Smith|Allen merges an architect and designer with a sculpture and installation artist. The duo’s practice combines an interest in installation, material and dimension with architecture, computer modeling, and novel technologies. Smith|Allen focuses on work that is visually, conceptually and experientially engaging for the viewer.

Music By Patrick Krier

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