illükinati is a movement, a perspective, a way of looking at life through the simply divine vessel of yourself. It is a religion which worships no higher power other than the one you constantly project unto the Earth just by existing. The text seen in this video are a list of prayers which channeled through me in a profound experience of spiritual clarity. I begun speaking these words realising they were prayers but not who they were designated to when suddenly it became clear that the divine power lies completely in within our being. This isn't to say that only some people have this power but I believe now that the people who are true to themselves and understand their full capability as a being in existence knows no bounds for success and happiness other than the limits set by themselves. Your ultimate destiny is mastered by it's owner, powered and guided by the faith and belief for the god which exists already in natural form, you. You are your strongest power in any situation so pray if you choose, to the profound and blessed miracle that is you.

Also, I think it's a pretty cool/funky video.
I am no more messiah than you.
Stay blessed, my beloved friends and followers of the religion which is you, the core of spiritually divine beings, you are the illükinati.

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