Pey-Chwen Lin

3D Animation, Computer, Interactive System, Kinect, Web Cam


MOCA, Taipei
National Taiwan Museum of Arts, Taichung

Created using 3D animation, interactive computer programs, infrared sensors, and webcams, Eve Clone No. 4 is an interactive audiovisual installation that features six large-scale “Eve Clones” projected across a three-dimensional, hexagonal arrangement. Incubating in liquid, the Eve Clone is a large alien lifeform that remain motionless whenever viewers are not looking at them. During this time, the only sounds that are present are those of the sounds of bubbles rising in the incubation liquid. As viewers approach and their motion is detected in the vicinity, the Eve Clone vigilantly turns her head to gaze at them. Simultaneously, the sound effects in the background change to create an eerie atmosphere signifying the awakening of Eve Clone by those around her. To simulate the transparent effects of water, real-time recordings of viewers at each corner are used to cleverly merge the Eve Clone images into the exhibition space.

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