Even the smallest seedlings need nourishment, care and space to grow if they are to develop and realise their full potential, and in this touching film for Animation for a Cause, Sebas and Clim show us that young people are just the same.

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Commissioned to raise funds for the construction of a new home for children in Mexico who have been victims of abuse, abandonment or exploitation, Sebas and Clim artfully combine 2D and 3D animation techniques with their fluid and dynamic signature style and seamless transitions to create a warm and intricate film for a particularly worthwhile cause.


Client: Child Care Center
Agency / Non-profit Organization: Animation For a Cause
Direction & Production: Sebas and Clim
Music and Sound Design: Flow Audio
Script: Linda Bucay
VO: Matisse O’Brian
Special thanks to: Yaniv Fridman

For more information visit: construyendoelcam.com

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