The Institute for Preservation of Arts & Culture (IPAC) and Kuch Khaas are excited to bring you our first concert of 2014! This is the 12th concert in the Instrumental Ecstasy series. Join us for an evening of a unique musical experience!

Jaltarang literally means 'waves in water.' It is a melodic percussion instrument comprising a set of ceramic bowls tuned with water. Producing gentle tinkling sounds, a variety of fine notes and nuances can be achieved. A treat to the senses, live performances of this classical music instrument are almost extinct.
The Santoor is an ancient string instrument of Persian origin, thought to have been invented in Mesopotamia (c. 1600 to 900 BC). Its use in classical music of the subcontinent was made popular by the Indian classical music maestro, Pt Shivkumar Sharma, before which the Santoor was most commonly used in folk and Sufi musical traditions of Kashmir.

Today, the Santoor is usually fitted with 91 strings and well loved by music aficionados due to the distinct character of its sound and tonal quality.

FEATURING MUSICIAN: Ustad Liaquat Hussain
Ustad Liaquat Ali Khan hails from Lahore in Pakistan, and was trained in the classical music tradition by Ustad Bashir Rahi. Having mastery over both the Santoor and Jaltarang, he is one of the last living Ustads in Pakistan for both instruments. With a lifelong affiliation to TV and radio, he has been performing locally and internationally for more than 25 years.

ARTIST: Ustad Liaquat Ali Khan on Santoor and Jaltarang; Muhammad Ajmal Khan on tabla.

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Camera/Edited: Shakeel Ahmed
Photography: Rizwan Gill

Event Partner: Kuch Khaas – The Center for Arts, Culture & Dialogue
Radio Media Partner: City FM 89
Online Media Partner:

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