**JOINT WINNER - Sexual Exploitation- Unchosen 2013 Human Trafficking Short Film Competition** directed by Anya Krasnikova.

A young girl travels to UK to be a nanny but finds herself in a different situations. Abused in ways she can't deal with mentally, she is forced into her own imagination. Katerina is a richly evocative film that relies heavily on visual metaphor to portray the horrific experience of sexual exploitation.

Victims of trafficking for sexual exploitation are removed from the communities they live in, leaving them vulnerable to exploitation and reducing their ability to escape. Many victims are groomed over a long period of time and are coerced into performing sexual acts once they believe that they are in a relationship with their abuser. Many victims are therefore reluctant to speak out or seek help, or are unable to due to language barriers, fear of the police and organisations, fear of violence and being caught by their abusers.

For more information please visit: unchosen.org.uk

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