**Unchosen 2013 Human Trafficking Short Film Competition** directed by Sylvie Moore

Hung was smuggled into the UK at age sixteen, where he was forced to work in a cannabis factory, which was raided by the police. A victim of trafficking, he now has a criminal record, and is battling for asylum. The Silent Gardener is filmed in a documentary style and clearly shows the route and means by which Hung found himself working illegally in the cannabis trade in the UK.

The case of Hung is an example of forced criminality. Forced criminality involves victims, often children, who are forced to commit a range of crimes, including counterfeit DVD selling, bag snatching, ATM theft, pick-pocketing, forced begging, forced sham marriage and cannabis cultivation. Victims are often subject to multiple types of criminal exploitation at the same time, a common addition being benefit fraud.

For more information please visit: unchosen.org.uk

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