Part 2: Theory. Edited by Dmitry Bulatov // English/Russian, 560 pp, Kaliningrad: BB NCCA, 2013.

The international anthology “Evolution Haute Couture: Art and Science in the Post-Biological Age” is the first comprehensive theoretical overview of the current stage of contemporary techno-biological art. It is dedicated to the evolutionary potential of 21st Century technology trends such as robotics, IT, and biomedicine and other forms of technoscientific development. The anthology includes articles by thirty recognised experts such as Roy Ascott (UK) – one of pioneers of cybernetic art; Boris Groys (US) – an internationally acclaimed expert on contemporary art; Andy Pickering (UK) – an internationally-known figure in science and technology studies; Stelarc (AU) – a pioneer for cyborg art; Erkki Huhtamo (US) – well-known for research in media archaeology; Pier Luigi Capucci (IT) – a leading expert in art and science; Jens Hauser (GER / FR) – well-known for research in bio-art, and others.

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