Dear TEDxsters,

we apologize for the delay but we are finally back, and here to stay..

The TEDx Dubai Conference aftermath was overwhelming and incredibly heartfelt, but we were all in need of some rest ( and catching up with our jobs )

The TEDx Dubai the production process was one of the most intense experiences of our lives, believe us.

When we were initially planning TEDx Dubai we knew that the 1000 seats limit would have caused some inconveniences as we could not accommodate everybody willing to attend, therefore we decided to tape the event as best as we could in order to make the TEDx Dubai Talks available on line; at the end of the day TED is all about Ideas Worth Spreading.

The post production process took quite some time as we had to go through hours anf hours of footage and synchronize 6 cameras ; thanks to the help of Areeba Hanif we managed to finalize the post production process and we are now ready to share the TEDx Dubai Talks with the world.

You will notice that the morning talks are kind of "darkish" and that is not an artistic decision by all means but the consequence of a last moment technical fault that dimmed the lights on the stage. The afternoon sessions are much brighter as we could fix partially the inconvenience.

We have great plans for post TEDx Dubai activities ( we will keep you posted ) and of course from Jan 1st we will start rolling for TEDx Dubai 2010.

So spread the TEDx Dubai Talks, Tweet them, Facebook them, email them, let the world know that on October 10th 2009 something extraordinary happened in Dubai!


Giorgio & James

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