Years of research and investigation have
gone into our unique anatomical foot bed and
biomechanical insoles to provide real benefits.

A: Assuring bones of the forefoot are aligned correctly
which may help reduce stress of the knee and ankle.
B: Arch support may reduce or relieve conditions
commonly caused by shock or imbalance to the joints.
C: Help to keep bacteria from your feet, especially
good for those with sensitive skin.
D: Reduce shock to your body while walking and reduce
imbalance when standing.
E: Far Infrared (FIR) emitting material embedded in
the sole provide a completely natural stimulant to
the body’s circulation system.
F: Orthotically designed material to give the arch of the
foot the support it needs
G: May reducestress on joints and bones, while maing
walking a more comfortable and natural action on
todays hard surfaces
H: Turn standing and walking into a truly pleasurable
experience, providing that floating on air feeling

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