This is a time lapse video of a typical low-key lighting setup. It covers the setup and the shoot I did of two young ladies, Destiny & Christine. They both had black shirts which was not a problem with this setup as the kicker lights adequately separated them from the background.

This is a 3-light setup using a 5' Creative Light octabox with soft grid as the main light and two Westcott 1'x4' strip soft boxes with grids as the kicker lights. The lights are Profoto Compact 600 mono-lights. The light stand for the main light is a Manfrotto 231 8' column stand with sliding arm. The backdrop is the Westcott 9'x20' Photo Basic Black. I used Pocket Wizard Plus iii for remote light triggers and metered the lighting with the Sekonic L-558 light meter.

Since I have two subjects for this shoot the main light was set for a depth of field that would give me a wider range of focus (f8) with the kicker lights set to 1.5 stops above the main to provide the separation. I used the Expo disc to create a custom white balance setting for my Nikon D800 with the Nikkor 70-200mm, 2.8 VR lens which is mounted on a Bogen Salon 190 camera stand. The iPad 3 is mounted on the camera stand using the Tether Tools Wallee case and connect system.

These time lapse images were captured with the GoPro Hero3 camera and edited using iMove. Enjoy!

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