This video will guide you through the process of creating an installer with Pimpbot. The quickest way to do so is by Drag & Drop, but you have to stick to the sensible defaults. Basically, that means naming some of files properly and keeping a certain folder structure.

- the name of the parent folder will be the installer's name
- presets must be stored in a folder named after their file extension (e.g. milk, avs or sps)
- additional files must be stored in the etc folder (e.g. Bitmaps, JPEGs, GVM files or Sonique Plugins)
- bitmap and sound for a splash-screen must be stored in the splash folder
- the bitmap for the splash-screen is called splash.bmp, and checks.bmp for the checkboxes
- the bitmap of the splash-screen can match the hexcode for the transparency key (e.g. #FF00FF.bmp)
- the name of the splash-sound can match the display time in milliseconds (e.g. 2000.wav)
- fonts must (TrueType or OpenType) be stored in the fonts folder
- a license (RichText or plain text) file must be placed in the root of your folder
- the license file can only be called license or readme

If these sensible default confuse you, it's recommended to get familiar with PimpBot and its features by using it the "old-fashioned" way.

PimpBot is released under BSD license.

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