Testing 2 Anamorphic lenses during the Holiday season back home.

#1) Kowa 8Z (16H) on a Canon 50mm FD f1.8 lens

#2) Iscorama 36 (Isco 50) on a Canon 50mm EF f1.8 lens.

The last 2 shots were without the anamorphic lenses.

In my opinion the Kowa held up very very well next to the Isco 36. They both have their pros and cons, but the Isco does seem to be a bit easier to work with.

The Kowa 8Z is without a doubt, the next best thing if you cant find an Iscorama. Iscorama's have been selling for close to $2k USD on ebay in the last few months. In the last few days there havent even been any listed for sale. The Kowa 8Z, seems to sell for about 50-60% less but the demand may rise as the Isco's are near impossible to find.

Some of my earlier uploads shows a Sankor 16C Anamorphic lens on the Canon 5D..the Sankor lenses, in my opinion, would be the next step from the Kowa when the Kowa become unavailable.

Camera: Canon 5D Mark II

Music: Joy Electric

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