Video Advocacy

Many people dismiss the work of psychics and mediums as a hoax, a facade made up of no more than an interpretation of a person based on questions and generalities. My goal here is not to prove the validity behind these methods or claim that they are true, but to advocate for the potential value. I used to read horoscopes on the daily, I knew they weren't specific to me and they often didn't match up to my own life, but, most of the time it was pretty good advice.

I contacted a local intuitive who provided a free reading for my project. The end result was entirely based on her words, and if she were some quack who was totally off point, the project would be completely different. There were no prompts and she didn't receive information about me prior to our conversation.

I don't know for sure if she simply read me like a book or interpreted messages from beyond, but I definitely got something extremely positive and empowering from the experience. There's a reason people seek advice from psychics and keep going back. Maybe you shouldn't try calling a 1-800 hotline, but the good and true stuff really is out there.

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