"Auditions" is a comedy about the madness of auditioning and the crazy things actors, dancers, and singers may be asked to do by casting directors.

Out of every job interview in the world, only performers walk into the room and can be asked to do literally anything. This vulnerable position not only puts an immense amount of pressure on the performers, but also may cause casting authorities to thrive on the control, dominance, and power of the situation. Often these directors come off as rude, condescending, mean, or down right insane. How will these bright, hopeful, budding artists deal with such absurd and hilarious situations thrust upon them?

This film is dedicated to anyone with a dream, and anyone who has ever had such a terrible audition they walked out of the room frustrated, upset, or disappointed in themselves. We're here to remind you even the greats fall on their faces sometimes and mess up. It's the courage to persevere and triumph that makes us say, we salute you performers!

Never give up on your dreams.

Directed by Neal Fischer
Written by Shari Mocheit
Edited by Kevin Kirchman
Song: "Ghosts" by Go Long Mule
Feel free to donate to our IndieGoGo to help us make this film the best it can be!


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