Music video for Bad America's "Slaves"
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*Slightly NSFW*
Clips used:
Syndromes (short film)
Unbovine Yourself (short film)
Isle of Awe Land (music video)
Moby - A Case for Shame (music video)
Mother Died (short film)
Hypnagogia (short film)
Emika - She Beats (music video)
Untitled (short film)
Paint (short film)
Cherry - Director's Cut (short film)
hEAD (short film)
The Raving Ones (short film)
Cattle Decapitation - Forced Gender Reassignment (music video)
Sparkles and Wine (teaser video)
Battles - Ice Cream (music video)
Frxxmasons - My Greed Your Bitch (music video)

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