Congressional testimony given by former NHL star and child abuse survivor Sheldon Kennedy inspired ‘Stand Up, Step Forward’. Sheldon stated that child abuse victims need to tell on average seven adults before their abuse is reported.
Educators are the leading reporters of child abuse and often the first advocates to help victims become survivors. This PSA inspires child victims to find the courage to report their abuse and compels adults to exhibit courage and take action.
Since premiering as a PSA during The Colbert Report (courtesy of Comedy Central) on World Day for Prevention of Child Abuse (11/19/13), thousands of child abuse survivors have shared their painful memories as victims and their courageous journeys to becoming survivors. This conversation continues both online and off and is poised to reach a critical mass as the PSA gains audience through April 2014 (Child Abuse Prevention month).
An independent, all volunteer cast, crew and production team came together to produce this PSA. Once completed, the National Children’s Alliance was presented with the PSA and all rights were transferred without compensation.
The National Children’s Alliance operates over eight hundred Child Advocacy Centers and state chapters throughout the United States. For child victims, Child Advocacy Centers ensure they only have to tell of their abuse once.

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