Some years back in 2006, I went on a skate tour to Lisbon with a shower of Australians & a couple of English guys for Ozzie magazine, Skate. Turned out they wanted me to make a tour DVD for the mag afterwards and it had to be over 15 minutes. Needless to say, it was full of filler & would've been far better at around 5-7 minutes.

This is a super tight version of the edit I did, more for portfolio purposes than anything else, with a heavy dose of colour grading heavily influenced by cross processed Velvia 50, even if it is shot on miniDV, ha.

Skaters - Shane Azar, Morgan Campbell, Spencer Eagles, Ricardo Fonseca, Ben Gauci, Chris Oliver, Ross McGouran, Richie Stewart

Tune - Electric Forecast by Spotlight Kid -

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