Welcome to your 30's. What's next for you?
Even though it's a cliche question, it's one with great social weight. What's my answer? a boring.. "Working.. to save money to move out of my parents house" Those were not the words I was hoping to utter when I was 30. Truth be told I moved back to Calgary less than a year ago from Toronto so I haven't been that hard on myself. My parents are amazing roommates, my dad makes sure I am well fed with jokes and delicious meals and my mom gives me amazing advice and does my laundry. They are pretty much the best. It's easy to be seduced by this lifestyle but it's time to grow up.

Long story short and the reason for this blog is to dust off my keyboard and flex my creative muscles by investing in a long over-due project: My love life.
This is the year of dating. I've called it the Thirty Dirty Dating Diaries.
30 dates 12 months 30 entries.

I'm a very content single female, almost to a fault, I love my freedom and my friends and the power that comes from achieving goals on my own.
But.. I also miss intimacy, human connection and sex. A lot. I'm looking for love, a best friend, someone who is on my side and shares a mortgage with me. I even like a good fight. Especially if we end up banging our brains out afterwards. ;)

My mom tells me I've got high expectations, a slightly unachievable vision of what the perfect person is, and won't settle for less. This may be true, so with a few tweaks I'm letting go of this perfect vision and letting myself be open to anything.

I'm going to go on 30 dates and I'm going to write about them; what I learned, what adventures we had etc. I will find these men from all outlets, blind dates, asking a acquaintance out, finding someone online, coffee shops, bars, meet-ups etc. Heck, I also want to date women. I'll take advice from my friends, family and strangers and incorporate their suggestions into my year of dating self discovery.

I'm rusty to say the least. I need the practice.
I haven't been on a real date in almost a year, I haven't had a boyfriend in over a year and I haven't bumped uglies in.. well weeks ;) (a girl has needs)

Stay tuned for date numero uno.


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