We were honored to be asked to produce a Public Service Announcement that would educate about the human trafficking that is occurring in our country and also provide contact information for people that can help.

The PSA was developed with NOOWA! (noowanotonourwatchadvocacy.org/) and the Office of the New Jersey Attorney General Human Trafficking Task Force (nj.gov/oag/dcj/humantrafficking/).

Leah Albright-Byrd, the founder of Bridget's Dream (bridgetsdream.org/home.html), was the main spokesperson. She shared her story of escape from the life of someone that was trafficked and also the story of her friend Bridget Gray who was murdered in 2006.

Tracy Thompson heads up the Human Trafficking Task Force for the NJ Attorney General's office.

Other organizations involved:

Benedictine Academy (benedictineacad.org/bacad/CAMPUS%20MINISTRY/Human%20Trafficking/)

Mercer County Prosecutors Office

Mercer County Sheriff

City of Trenton Police Department

Shared Hoped International (sharedhope.org/)

Wincey Co

US Committee for Refugees and Immigrants (refugees.org/)

Fair Girls (fairgirls.org/)

Young and Powerful Group

Prince George's County Human Relations Commission

Prince George's County Young Democrats

and the amazing song "Under" provided by the talent singer Ahsan and his record label EP Entertainment/Universal Motown

The occurrences of trafficking increase dramatically with an event like the Superbowl, particularly when it takes place in a large metropolitan area like NY/NJ.

We produced a few edits for use in different markets but thought we would share this one as it contains contact information that can help no matter where you are in the US.


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