Family Business. Short film comedy, written and directed by Corry Raymond.

The story is centered around a man attempting to charm the fortune from his sick & wealthy Uncle Reg before becoming bankrupt in the process.
It was shot on the C100 using Zeiss Prime lenses (the 35 & 50) and using a HDMI out into the Atmos Ninja 2. I did my own cinematography and if you look closely I tried to keep a continuity of shots in the way a character is seen. The opening shot is referenced in various 'establishers' later on (such as the lounge scene) to jog the audiences' memory to the opening shot.

To reach festival criteria the film was edited to be as close to 3 mins as possible (final length 2:58) but I feel the end shot should feel like a quick punch and then cut to black.

My main influence is Woody Allen to which the style is attributed to. The opening song was an original piece written for my film- I wanted something jazzy with a Soprano Sax (not quite Woody Allen's clarinet but I prefer the sound of the Sax). A small bit of trivia, the Saxaphone player is Paul Raymond, my dad, which helped contribute to the 'family business' feel.

The lead is played by Peter T Cutler who also features as the antagonist for my internet mini series Professor:

Peter T Cutler
Grace Gallop
John Crockford-Hawley

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