"Fréquence d'étalonnage" is a series of 7 video-works conceived & realized by Elvire Bastendorff in 2009. This collection of very short formats focuses on "digital color bar" manipulation and test cards micro-editing — located somewhere between the spirit of Marcel Duchamp's "Stoppages-étalon" (1913) and the minutiae of Ryoji Ikeda's audiovisual works.

"Elles doivent être regardées horizontalement et non verticalement"
(Marcel Duchamp, Stoppages-étalon, 1913)

Blog: elvirebastendorff.blogspot.com
Website: elvirebastendorff.net

Video by Elvire Bastendorff
Soundtrack by Franck Smith
© 2009 Smith-Bastendorff

Elvire Bastendorff: Independant artist and sound-activist. Conceptor of audiovisual installations, involved in creative multi-medias projects, Elvire Bastendorff is also member of the dual electronic unit Zn'shñ. Discography: odiolorgnette.com

"Elvire Bastendorff", video, Stoppages-étalon, Marcel Duchamp, Ryoji Ikeda, color bar, test card, micro-editing, Franck Smith, Zn'shñ, Odiolorgnette

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