Behind The Scenes of "Madness Returns" shoot on the 31.10.2013.

Shot on the Canon EOS 5DMark III + 24-105 lens.
Filming done with Hero3 Gopro
Model: Eli Poldi
Helper: Gus McRae-Johns
Driver/Filmographer: Phillip Robinson
Music: Chapter1 Intro/Therapy - Alice: Madness Returns OST

This was originally for my uni finals but i wound up never using it sadly, although I loved the shoot, the files and filming was left to collect dust on my hard drive, until the other day when I found them, so I figured I'd make something of them.

I guess it's supposed to capture the essence of a girl who has lost her mind wandering around. nothing spectacular but for a mini shoot during a freezing night I think we all did incredibly well. We shot over numerous locations such as down in docklands, anzac drain, a roof top near flinders street and even st kilda, it was a long haul for this shoot and i dunno, for the rather grainy and dark images that were received from the shoot, I'm happy with them.

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