Rescue pugs on the beach!

Welcome to Pugs SOS (Pug Rescue Australia)

We were thrilled when Tommy Franklin aka ‘Salty Rain’ accepted our invitation to dance on the beach with some of our rescues. His aim to change the world “one smile at a time” goes hand in hand with the way pugs live their lives – enthusiastic and intelligent dogs whose role in life is to love their family and make everyone around them smile.

Contrary to information found on many websites, pugs are highly active dogs, who require lots of exercise, access to air-conditioning during hot spells, daily grooming (they moult 24 hours a day 365 days a year!) and most importantly – constant company. They adore the beach, water and swimming J

Pugs SOS is a rescue organisation that keeps pugs out of puppy farms, where they risk spending the rest of their ‘profitable’ lives breeding litter after litter in appalling conditions.

We cannot do this on our own. We need your help to stop this cruel industry which is similar to conditions in a battery farm for hens.

Do not buy from an online site, or a pet shop. These puppies are from backyard breeding operations or larger scale puppy farms, who can have as many as 100 to 200 adult dogs locked in cages and sheds deep in the country. If you really love pugs, and would like to see an end to puppy farming, contact a Breed Club near you for names of registered breeders, or ADOPT a rescue.

For further information – please visit our website : or visit us on Facebook : Pugs SOS

Also a BIG thank you to the Bag Raiders for allowing us to use the pugs favourite song : shooting stars.

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