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The International Women’s Conference (IWC)’s unique two-tier model - individual development and collective action - facilitates partnership-building and leadership development among.


Frederic Didier Louradour - Director, cinematographer, editor and photographer - is a talented artist with an exceptional eye for angle.

Driven by a strong attention to detail and keen eye for the best images, Fred believes we can use media as a poignant tool to build a stress free and violence free society, showcasing the best of what the world has to offer.

Traveling over 58 countries since 2006, Fred became a very versatile and experienced cinematographer and photographer.

Catching the the emotion in the mist of chaos need patience. Translating it to film without loosing its content is an art.

What message do you have in mind?
Unfortunately words can’t always describe who you are and what you are really standing for.
Your ideas are bold but their expression limited. Your actions are meaningful but barely noticed.

A valuable tool.
Films take us beyond the world of appearance to show the true reflection of who we are.

We will help you tell your story.
1974 Films will create the film that will tell more about you that you could ever imagine.
From Concept to Creation, Corporate to Commercial, Portrait to Documentary, Educational, Conference to Broadcast Film, 1974 Films Films understands your vision of the world to create a unique and engaging story about yourself, your company and the important message you want to share with the ones around you.

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