"The video, directed by Japhy Riddle, works to capture the emotions of the song and explores the realm of 'what if' through the investigation and manipulation of old photographs in a way that’s reminiscent of Michaelangelo Antonioni’s Blow-Up." - Listen Hear

"Now that song has a video by director Japhy Riddle that involves some sort of love story, miniature facsimiles assembled from old photos, a typewriter, and other mysterious elements to be parsed. Dig into it below." - Chris DeVille for Stereogum

"In their new video 'So You Know.' Bleeding Rainbow travel back to a simpler time, where their shoegaze-noise rock was probably quite shocking. Who doesn’t love nostalgia laced with typewriters and old photos? Watch the love story unfold below." - Laura Studarus for Under The Radar

"It's a clever take on a classic story of romance; a man, flicking through projected images of a relationship from his youth attempts to change the future (now the present) by altering the photos via miniature letters and the like. It's cute-as, and you can check it out below." - Under The Radar

"The Philadelphia band will make you want to watch a slideshow.

Anything, from puppets to children, is tolerable when you add a little bit of magic. Slideshows are the targets for enchantment in Philadelphia shoegaze band Bleeding Rainbow's new video for 'So You Know.' A faceless man longs for the return of his faceless love, then realizes the key to her return may be in those pictures he depresses everyone with at parties. We know you miss her, dude. It sucks. You should stop carrying those around. Anything else going on? No? Cool, cool...Excuse me I gotta go say hi to someone. It doesn't have to be that way anymore, thanks to magic." - Jordan Darville for Chart Attack

"The clip shows a man clicking through photographs on a projector, seemingly reminiscing about a girl, when he notices something in one of the photos that sends him on a Wes Anderson-esque search for the item. The video pairs perfectly with the confessional love song, wrapped up in Bleeding Rainbow’s tightened fuzz rock with Sarah Everton’s shoegazing vocals leading the way." - Julie Miller for The Key WXPN

"Bleeding Rainbow travels through a scenic slideshow in their new 'So You Know' music video." - The Baeble

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