After a full days flying I was presented with this weir which I just could not turn down a flight around. This version has sound from the day in the audio mix.

I managed to have a full flight before my accident happened, it was purely down to pilot error as I did not have enough battery power left to counter act the momentum of my decent and by the time I realised I needed full throttle I was already in the water.

Lee and I spent almost an hour in this dirty water searching for the Quadcopter, we could hear it beeping under the water but could not find the direction it was in. As I was flying FPV I did not know the location that it crashed exactly so I was going by my spotters directions.

The Quad was found at a depth of 11feet, it had been there for over 24hours. The GoPro camera had low on battery when I started the flight so only got about 10minutes worth of underwater footage but managed to capture about 25 fish in the local area and the noise of me and Lee swimming and diving.

There was a lot of corrosion caused by extended time in the water but most equipment worked after a few days drying. The main Lipo was 100% dead and I had to replace 1 ESC to get the quad back in the air, I have since found out that my FPV camera (Sony PZ0420) has become unreliable so I have to replace that aswell. Not too bad as I thought I was going to have to replace all electrical equipment including the flight controller.

Huge thank you to Basil Brush, Lee and CamSump for all the help and support during this rescue.

Tamar Valley, Gunnislake, Cornwall UK

Very hot and sunny day with light breeze

This video is different sound edit of this video:

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