camera: Daz Disley
editing: Fenia kotsopoulou

This performance is part of the project “(dis)remembering. An archive of me and my father”, a conglomeration of data regarding the relationship with my father. Here, the focus is on the way that the body translates, resists, and share the emotions and memories of events from the past. About:

“(Dis)remembering: the body”, is the third development of my research. A loop of events throughout the course of the performance consisting of a series of steps from composition of a text to its subsequent placement in a pigeon hole for it to become accessible to the audience. On the floor is a scattering of several hundred screws and nails, which become the bed for the performance. As i write, i sit, kneel and lie on the screws, before traversing them to confront the cage, which i then climb up and over in order to reach and label one of the pigeon holes, before depositing the text and returning to the writing phase. This loop of action continued for the three hours of the performance.

The audience is free to come and go, and again, choose their mode of interaction - either as passive observer, or as interlocutor having the choice to open a pigeon hole and digest the communiqués of which only one is addressed directly to the audience. Walking barefoot on screws:

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