For this Classic Gold Lottery spot, Tendril Design & Animation reached out to Fusion’s fluid fx expertise to create luxurious molten gold. Fusion created the simulations for Tendril to light, render and finish. The spot opens on a bubbling cauldron of cg liquid gold elegantly pouring into a mold, forming a golden lottery ticket, which is then doused in a bubbling water bath.
Fusion has created a lot of bubbles over the years and that gave us a head start on the gold’s boiling behavior, a crucial advantage when dealing with short commercial scheds. The boiling action, vital for the creative, gives the gold a dynamic look in the opening scene, and is needed again for the cooling water bath.
Fusion reworked a previous method for bubble behavior to get a basic version working quite quickly, although evolving that to create a beautiful boiling action required significant re-working. Job 1 required creating a bubble pressure age profile, so bubbles would go thru a cycle of creation, growth, then bursting and disappearing. Central to the success of the method was controlling the distribution, size, frequency & internal pressure of the bubbles. So when the client requested "less vigorous boiling please" or "keep the boiling tighter in to the ticket", we could change a few parameters and re-run the sim with certainty of good, quick results.
We worked two methods in parallel, one with a stand-alone boiling behavior that would work on both SPH and grid fluid in RealFlow, and the other using the same physics integrated with our Smorganic technology, giving us control on how the fluid breaks apart. We felt that the Smorganic version might look a lot more like molten metal. In the end the preferred look for the spot was the non-Smorganic version, but it's always great to add another method to the fluid behavior library!

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