Celebration roar. Jim is walking to the jubilant village attracted by laughs and songs. Flowers perfumes and rainbow-colored pigments pouring out from everywhere. Jim lets him be dragged in unknown and enchanting dances. All around him myriad of multicolored squares twirled to the treetops.


THE DANCE is the eleventh video of a serial of 12 (extract from an audiovisual show), one for each tune from OZMA's album "NEW TALES" which recounts the fantasized journey of Jim, a strange and serene vagabond.

When OZMA met Jim, he was en route for Santiago de Compostela.
For nine years his steps carried him, from Europe to India and back, going through the world freely, following his intuition. Before that, Jim had another life, a family, a house, a job... he left that existence to find peace on the road.

NEW TALES (tracklist)

- Awakening
- The Launch
- Wide and Open
- Belouga
- The Drive
- The Walk
- Supertanker
- Dark City
- Monsters
- Rest and Rebirth
- The Dance
- Tales of Jim

Music : buy directly NEW TALES on OZMA's Official Website: ozma.fr
or Juste une Trace : juste-une-trace.com/fr/boutique/ozma-new-tales.html

ⓟ 2013 La Compagnie Tangram - ⓒ 2013 Juste Une Trace

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