Per amore di Jenny (1915)
Het was een droom

Title cards:
JENNY ("It was a dream")
Jenny's father, count Van Bergen, does not like to see his daughter in the company of the young baron Burg.
Count van Bergen has decided to leave for Rome for a long time, to change his daughter's mind.
Good baron! Your son's proposol honours me, and if he can bring me the proof within 6 months that he can work earnestly, then I will gladly take him as a son-in-law.
On the way to Rome.
Baron Galdi, the owner of the estate where count Van Bergen has settled, is interested in the young countess.
In thought, Jenny listens to the cheerful singing of Mario, the blacksmith.
The next day.
Jenny pays a visit to the forge to meet the cheerful singer in person.
End first reel.
JENNY ("It was a dream") Second reel.
Are you the cheerful singer? Sing for me the song again, that I heard from you a few days ago.
From gratitude, Jenny picks a few flowers for Mario.
That endless singing annoys me, and if you do not stop it, I will give notice instantly.
Returned home, Jenny's dearest wish is granted; her father now consents that she'll be the wife of Baron Burg.
On the honeymoon they also visit Rome.
Mario cannot forget Jenny and thinks of her always.
The newlyweds also visit the remains of the famous arenas from the Roman age.
Jenny tells her husband of the meeting with Mario the blacksmith and they decide to visit him.
Mario, I told my husband, that your cheerful singing has shortened my stay here.

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