The "trailer" election-video, made for Mr. Arnfinn á Birtuni, convinced the party he was in, at the time (Miðflokkurin), that another video should be made, before the election. This time with three representatives. Different than regular election videos, this short-film idea was pitched to our clients and they loved it. Taking place 3 years after the then-upcoming election. The video tells the story of a city in turmoil, ruined by bad politics. In chaos; the opposition has but one choice; send it's best men back in time to get elected to prevent the future. One possible future...
Most of you can probably guess where our inspiration came from!

Video Production: Polar Films Entertainment ®
Client: Miðflokkurin
Released: 9 November 2013.

The General - Hallur Hjalgrímsson Djurhuus
Man in Black 1 - Rani Andrasson Skaalum
Man in Black 2 - Arnfinn á Birtuni
Man in Black 3 - Dánjal Mouritsson Joensen

Voice – Terji Giovanni Djurhuus

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