Riel MILLER is Head of Foresight at UNESCO, Paris. His primary expertise is in designing
processes that use the imaginary future to understand the present. For three decades his work has
concentrated on how to assess and direct the potential for socio-economic transformation in the
private and public sectors. He has championed the development of the Discipline of Anticipation as a
way to advance the capacity to use the future. Riel is widely published on topics ranging from the
future of the financial sector and the internet to the future of schooling and social equity. He teaches
around the world and for six years was a faculty member of the Masters in Public Affairs, Institut de
Sciences Politique (Sciences-Po), Paris, France. Riel is a former board member of both the
Association of Professional Futurists and the World Futures Studies Federation. He serves on
numerous editorial boards and gives keynote speeches around the world.

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