Indonesia faces several serious issues related to poverty, education, health and environment. The government does not properly address them and Indonesian still show a general lack of concern for those issues.

Individual/collective social initiatives have emerged but they encounter several obstacles: lack of financial support, low access to volunteers and low media exposure. Besides, Donors strive to reach small and medium size impactful projects.
In Indonesia, no media has not been specifically dedicated to display information related to those social projects. A solution is needed to bridge the gap between various stakeholders. provides an easy, transparent and clear access to information related to social actions. We design a multi-sited platform that brings together social initiatives, communities, donors and volunteers.
Through a digital platform, creates strong values and network effects by facilitating interactions between several stakeholders:

Access to finance/support: we allow change makers to raise funds and receive probono support from the community, for both small and medium-size social projects.

Awareness and access to meaningful project: considering the archipelagic state of Indonesia, having access to social projects can be difficult. We bridge the gap between projects and donors

Increase volunteering: With feature volunteering then we will easily create a social campaign that can lead to word of mouth effect where each user can disseminate information about social actions made through their social media like facebook , twitter and google plus to get more volunteers and support again .

Marketing tool for social projects / target larger and broader audience: Through active fundraising campaign on our platform, people have an opportunity to share their mission and vision to the community. We incorporate social media mechanisms which emphasize the referral traffic and exposure of those projects

Create a community/ social brainstorming: By posting projects, people have the ability to engage different populations and receive feedbacks, insight, and ideas. It is even as valuable as funding.
We will also create a database of donors and volunteers. It will enable social action to get more support in the future.

Better donation transparency: donations will be clearly and publicly reported. We all insure via our screening and validation process that social projects posted on our platform comply with high ethical and impact standards.

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