Red Dragon Fly
Lucas Lorenzi - flute (Helmuth Hammig 062)
Junko Kasahara - piano (Boesendorfer)
Recorded in the Alexander Technique Centre (ATC) Kyoto, Japan
They both are using the Alexander Technique while playing their musical instruments. The Alexander Technique forms a part of the professional practice of thousands of musicians worldwide and is an integral part of training at many of the major music teaching institutions around the globe. It assists in a uniquely effective way with efficiency and freedom in movement, minimising the stress and strain often associated with music making.
Performance is generally improved no matter what level of expertise the musician has reached, and more enjoyment in playing and musical expression can often be experienced. In particular the relationship between quality of movement and quality of sound can be developed.
Overuse Injury
Problems with overuse injury or repetitive strain injury can be effectively addressed using the Alexander Technique. Prevention is best, and the technique protects against these injuries, but cure is even better if a problem has been experienced. The Alexander Technique is effective in assisting musicians to return to playing in these circumstances.
The Alexander Technique School in Kyoto was established in 2003 for musicians, students and teachers of the F.M.Alexander Technique in Japan. The director of the school is Lucas Lorenzi (STAT cert.1985).
The ATC offers lessons - table work, chairwork, clasical Alexander Technique procedures which can be released into daily activities like for example playing a musical instrument, group classes and a JSTAT accredited teacher training program.
For further information please visit the official website of the ATC Kyoto
The Centre works in connection with the International Music Academy Maestro
Musicians, singers and instrumentalists (flute, piano, violin, guitar, drums, trumpet, bassoon, horn etc.) from all over Japan enjoy learning the Technique in ATC Kyoto. Please feel free to contact us.
ATCでは、個人レッスン、グループレッスン、JSTAT 公認教師養成プログラムを提供しています。詳細な情報についてはATCの公式ホームペ­ージをご覧­ください。

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