Dear Sir/Madame

I would like to introduce my artwork : The Wall Street Journal by Billionaire Mindset

Artwork has been inspired by The Wall Street Journal Newspaper and wisdom of Top American Billionaires also represent positive aspect of money/assets and people's capability to create wealth

Billionaire Mindset of those people has been shaped into artwork as visible simple form and can be translated into thought,

Wall Street Journal chart represent assets growth

All materials are genuine:

$10,000,000,000 check from checkbook
5 x $100 US Federal Reserve notes
1 x 5g PAMP gold bar
1 x 31g PAMP silver bar
aluminium Vitruvian Man of Leonardo da Vinci
aluminium X X X X and =
Wall Street Journal Newspaper cutted pages and bits
US flag sticker from US scientific product
double V V - metal mesh

Size 50x70cm

Please do not hesitate to ask question numberv(at)

Thank you for watching

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