Phantasm Films:

Amber turned up with no more than two marker pens. within a few hours she produced this eye gaping egale head. We asked amber a few Questions and here's what she said.

PF: When did you begin to crub your artistic flare?

AA: I've always loved to draw, can't remember when it would of began to be a passion of mine.

PF: Using Two marker pens to create such a large scale drawing, is quite unique. where was it inspired from?

AA: The majority of my work is done using fine ink pens, considering I usually work on a smaller scale. There's no real source of inspiration for this, just that it's good for including all the smaller details. With the change to a bigger size of canvas, a bigger marker pen enabled me to keep the same style but create it bigger.

PF: do you have a drawing that you are
Specially proud of?

AA: This one! A family came up to me as I was carrying it to my car asking me to draw portraits of their children for christmas, which was nice.

PF: Where was the idea to draw a birds head come from?

AA: A lot of my work is inspired by all kinds of animals, feathers and fur include a lot of detail which makes a drawing more interesting. Being on that large scale, the eagle seemed like an appropriate bird to be able to make an impact, especially with the focus on the eye.

Thanks Amber.


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