Mobile Studio has designed a portable gallery specially commissioned by UCL Museums & Collections. The gallery is made of a series of demountable components which enables easy installation in a host of public realm venues for UCL Museum's outreach programme. The gallery is designed to display one museum artefact at a time and can accommodate up to three people.

The gallery is made of composite lightweight recycled paper honey-comb panels, which are laminated with a tiled mirror finish on the internal surfaces. The mirror effect allows visitors to see all sides of the museum object in the reflection of the gallery walls. The object in turn is multiplied infinitely within the space.

Set within the grid of the mirror tiles are LED lights which provide ambient lighting whilst allowing visitors to get 'lost and immersed' in the experience of viewing the museum object. The gallery lighting is powered by a 3-pin plug into mains power and also has its own rechargeable battery for more remote locations.

The gallery will debut at Bloomsbury Festival 2011. It will later reappear at other future events throughout 2011/12. For more information on upcoming events to see the gallery and museum collections please follow:

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