what does a same day edit and kickboxing have in common?

featuring world champion and egyptian champion of kickboxing khaled fahim.

shot entirely on the MKIV in 24P.

2010 will be the year of same day edits for stillmotion. we will be offering two different sizes.

you can come see us this january, the 17th-20th, in austin, TX as the featured speakers of IN[FOCUS]. we will be doing a 3 hour presentation on what it takes to bring your same day edits to the next level. this will be an action packed 3 hours guaranteed to help those who are just getting into same day edits, or those who have been doing them for years.

we will also be starting the first off shoot of the evolution experience, a same day edit workshop. it will be 2 days at our edu studio here in toronto where we focus on theory, shooting, and actual editing exercises (FCP based). we are looking for a very small group - only 8 people per class - so we can have a lot of one on one time and really cater the experience to your skill level. if your just starting out, this workshop alone will make you more than confident to start offering amazing same day edits. if you have been doing them for years, this experience will surely take every same day edit you do to the next level.

this workshop will cover pre-production, shooting, and lots of editing. each attendee must have FCP 7 as well as a laptop to do their own editing. we will provide cameras, lenses, and other gear to shoot, capture, and work with.

you can grab a seat at IN[FOCUS] and hear 12 speakers across three days in austin, TX this jan 17-20th for $645US.

you can register at infocusvideoevent.com

if your interested in one of the eight spots in our same day edit workshop here in toronto, ON this april 13-14th. check out stillmotionexperience.com to apply. the cost of registration is $2000.

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