Notice I didn't give her *any* flanks on the fetch, and very few on the cross drive or return leg of the drive. Once she got them on a line, she was really good at keeping them on a line without help.

The judge was light on outrun points with re-directs because even the most experienced dogs weren't finding the sheep due to a recent change in the field where the woods at the top had been opened and cleared where previously fenced so it was very deceiving.

Molly was my first dog to train. I bred her myself. This was our second ever Open run. She placed at this trial and qualified for the 1997 National Finals. At the time, Seclusival was a very competitive national trial with top competitors coming to VA from as far as Canada and California. It was quite an honor for us. She made it look easy even though we were both basically novices running against many of the biggest hats trialing at the time. She was a good dog by my standards.

Video curtesy of Wink Mason

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