The 2013 Conference hosted at Harvard Medical School received rave reviews from 'best medical conference we have ever been to'... to ...'simply amazing' and in 2014 we are back on home turf in London. A pre- conference trauma workshop will be running on the weekend before run in cooperation with the justifably world famous London Air Ambulance Service.

The conference speakers included many of the very best speakers from around the world (including Dr Gordon Giesbrecht, Dr Kobi Peleg and Professor Mike Grocott), who are the world experts in many remote extreme medicine fields including expedition and wilderness, pre-hospital, disaster and relief medicine.

The specialist conference was developed specifically with medical professionals in mind, bringing together the learnings from various areas of remote medicine, and attracted delegates from around the world. 70% of the delegates were doctors with the rest of the audience being other medical specialists such as nurses, paramedics and 'aspiring' extreme medicine university students.

“This conference was a fantastic opportunity for medics to gain insight and knowledge from leading professionals in extreme medicine.” Dr Amy Hughes, Medical Director, Expedition & Wilderness Medicine

Each day of the conference focuses on different aspects of Extreme Medicine. The first day covers Expedition & Wilderness; the second day was built around Pre-Hospital Medicine with days 3 and 4 covering Disaster Medicine and Extreme Medicine respectively

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