SUITCASE ON THE LOOSE - Documentary Serie.

A free-wheeling travel show to the last vanishing edens and farthest corners of the world by Alex Shoumatoff – creator, writer, host.

“Consistently the farthest-flung of the New Yorker’s far-flung correspondents" - The New York Times
“One of our greatest storytellers” - Graydon Carter, Editor, Vanity Fair
“The greatest writer in America” - Donald Trump

Alex Shoumatoff is a writer, adventurer, seeker, musician. He has written for The New Yorker, Outside, Conde Nast Traveler and Vanity Fair. Researching and crafting these stories has taken him from Harlem, to the Amazon, northeastern India, Tibet, the Congo, Siberia and one of Donald Trump’s golf courses in Scotland. It’s in his DNA. Alex comes from a long line of Russian scientists, explorers, artists, and writers. At sixteen he became a student of the legendary blues guitarist Reverend Gary Davis, and then went on to Harvard College, where he was on The Lampoon. He is the author of ten books and some 120 magazine articles. His first piece for Vanity Fair on the murder of Dian Fossey was the impetus for the movie, “Gorillas in the Mist”. He has been writing for VF ever since on everything from nesting sea turtles in Mexico to the shenanigans in the Bohemian Grove. Alex’s most recent articles are “Agony and Ivory,” about the impact of the ivory trade, which ignited a global campaign to stop the poaching of Africa’s elephants and the sale of their tusks in China; and “The Last of Eden,” about an uncontacted tribe in the Amazon with the photographer Sebastiao Salgado. His explorations and concerns have culminated in his website to document and raise consciousness about the world’s rapidly disappearing species and traditional cultures. The site is now followed by readers from 90-some countries a month. Author Timothy Ferris has written, “Shoumatoff is a genuine citizen of the world, at home with people everywhere, and his example serves as an inspiration to all who cherish the ties that unite humankind. In my opinion, he ranks among the very best nature writers of our or any other time.”

Varial Cedric Houin – filmmaker
“Varial’s images and film open your eyes up to the full drama and cosmic wonder of what is really going on”
La Valise

Varial Cédric Houin, winner of the 2012 National Geographic Traveler Photo contest, is a French and Canadian multidisciplinary visual artist, photo and video documentarian, obsessed by untold realities, rare captured moments, simple but novel realities, striving for the sublime.
Questioning and exploring realities, driven and attracted by extreme journeys, remote places, tribes and threatened cultures he has traveled and created documentary works in India, Borneo, Ecuador, Tajikistan, Afghanistan, Algeria, Chile, Mexico, Indonesia, Turkey, Iceland. His current show, Wakhan : Another Afghanistan, including images and a film of the nomadic yurt-dwelling yak herders of the Pamir, is receiving rave reviews. Also, he is working on a film about the Waorani Indians of Ecuador, as well as health projects in India and Borneo. See

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