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Some residents and businesses in Pasadena had been receiving fraudulent phone calls. Pasadena Water & Power wanted to create a video to alert the public about these scams.

Criminals have been known to use various scams to steal bill payments and identity information from utility customers. Here are three scams that PWP utility customers should look out for:

Phone calls, home visits and online solicitations promoting government utility assistance programs and that ask for social security or banking information (e.g., “President Obama has approved special funding through the Federal Reserve Bank...”)
Phone calls or home visits from persons posing as PWP representatives who demand credit card information and threaten to turn off water or electric service. Please report this to the Federal Communications Commission at fcc.gov/complaints.
Unscheduled home visits from burglars posing as PWP meter readers/inspectors or posing as contractors offering home energy audit services
Please call the Pasadena Police Department at (626) 744-4241 to report suspicious or fraudulent activity.

PWP personnel will always wear a visible picture ID, with the city seal and an employee number, and have their supervisor’s phone number on hand. Always look for an official city vehicle outside. PWP employees never use personal vehicles to make service calls.

Our meter readers and water quality staff generally don’t need to go inside your home, unless your meter is located in a service porch area or you’ve specifically requested an interior inspection.

Neither PWP nor its contractors are doing door-to-door home energy audits at this time. While there legitimate home energy audit services (unaffiliated with PWP) do at times solicit door to door, please use precaution before inviting unexpected visitors or salespersons into your home.

There are NO FEDERAL UTILITY BILL PAY ASSISTANCE PROGRAMS at this time. PWP and the State of California do offer bill pay assistance through several programs which are listed here: PWPweb.com/CARE.

Customers with delinquent accounts will receive a "Final Notice" from PWP by U.S. mail before any phone contact from PWP is made. The notice will list a final due date and payment methods. If the customer does not settle the account by the final due date the service will be shut off. PWP representative will not demand or accept payment in the field. Delinquent payments must be made in person at the City Hall Municipal Services counter, online via customer login, or by phone at (626) 744-4764. Beware of scammers who demand payment by any other means than these.

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