shot on the MKIV and 7d, all in 24P. we even have a little 5d MKII converted to 24P in there. the ceremony was super dark but look how well the MKIV and 7d held up.

edwina and john were married 4 hours before the the new year in chicago. this has got to be one of the most challenging and exciting same day edits we have done to date. we always do our best to be on time or early with an sde, but generally if something happens a couple minutes of wiggle room is ok. when it comes to new years, that couple minutes means so much more. the sde was slated in the 11:30-11:45 region. factoring in the time to color and export the finished piece, we cut it pretty close, but we used every second to put this together.

at 11:25 we had quite the scare. we did an early sound check and ran the projector that edwina rented (since we were in chicago and not TO) and everything appeared to be good. when we plugged in the laptop we had no signal - the screen just stayed blue. at 11:27 it didn't leave us with many options. one of our backup bags of cables had one that the projector liked more, so we setup, taped cables down, and prepped the crowd in less than 60 seconds. it was quite the experience to share this on new years and edwina and john were such a humorous and fun couple to share it with.

this was shot with a mix of the 7ds and the MKIV, all in 24P. the sde was edited and graded in FCP.

special thanks to casey and danielle, our good friends at mindcastle, who shared their new years eve with us and were a huge part of this. casey shot throughout the day and danielle helped me put the edit together.


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