I've been trying (albeit failing) to upload a dance video every week of this month. My life proved to be too busy for a video each week, but we just push on ahead and complete our goal, dont we?

The second video in my series is Snow Day.

This takes place on the intersection of Quincy and Downing in Brooklyn, 2 blocks away from where I live. Here sits the Broken Angel House (en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Broken_Angel_House), which is also the site for Dave Chapelle's 2005 documentary "Dave Chapelle's Block Party." (en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dave_Chapelle's_Block_Party)

I decided to use "Mash" by Dilla for the short dance film before I even remembered that Block Party is dedicated to the memory of J Dilla. Perfect in so many ways.

This is short and a little low on content because it was actually freezing.

Enjoy it!

(For the first video in the series, click here: Fridge - vimeo.com/83463793)

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