I finally get to announce the details RE: the new hitRECord production company. What we're doing, how it works, and why.

Here's the video we were making last night in "Working on New Year's Eve."
It's a new year again -- happy twenty ten!

For the last year or so, and with particular intensity these recent holy winter days, my team and I have been hard at work finishing up the new hitRECord.org v4 site. But that's not all, no! What's even more novel is our brand new production model: THE NEW DEAL.

In this RECord, I finally get to announce the results of more than a year of dreaming scheming. In some ways, hitRECord is about to change a lot. And in other ways, it's staying exactly the same, just writ large.

Now for the regular: as you might have guessed already, THIS VIDEO IS NOT DONE! The ideas are all there. In fact, once I'm done typing this description, I'm going to Release the full 6-page script. What's missing is that same wam-bam thank you ma'am that y'all so adeptly provided for the hitRECord "Invitation."

It needs visuals, and it needs music. The more the merrier. This RECord could and should be totally entertaining. Who's game?

I can just about guarantee that this one will screen at Sundance. So take a crack at it!

Are you recording? Again, by heart.

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