pan SRUC seminar by Charles Bestwick, Food, Land & People Programme Advisor and Lorna Dawson, Environmental Change Programme Advisor on 16th of January 2013.


This is a summary version of the presentation given on the 2nd October. The presentation will cover the annual reporting structure and its role in establishing the programme's policy, economic and scientific impact and how this is used to provide advocacy for the SRP.

The presentation will assess the criteria for narrative reporting at theme, programme and portfolio levels and the relationship of the narrative reports to the metrics. A demonstration of the “dashboard” (which consolidates the Strategic Research Programme, Strategic Partnerships and Centres of Expertise reports and places them within the context of the strategic priorities for the funding portfolio) will be provided and will include output and outcome trends, examples of benchmarking and, in particular, an examination of contributions to and impact on policy, practice and industry-innovation.

Feedback on the thematic and programme level report as received from RESAS and policy teams will be discussed. Key issues for year 3 reporting and portfolio review will be identified.

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