Christian lived in a small town in Provence. For 50 years he had been collecting things that have been thrown out by the people town's inhabitants. The Mayor tried to ban him from collecting, but Christian continued to work at night to evade detection.

On October 2009 Christian was forcibly taken to a psychiatric hospital in Montelimar after the Mayor and his legal guardian or 'tutelle' decided he could no cope with living alone in his home. A petition circulated in his home town of Buis les Baronnies in Provence demanding that he be allowed to return to be looked after within his own community. Eventually it was decided that Christian should be given a place in his town's retirement home. However, after waiting for over 2 months in the hospital, during which time he became progressively more depressed, on 30 December 2009 Christian suffered a massive heart attack and died in the office of the hospital.

Christian despaired at the wastage of modern life and worked 365 days a year to salvage the things he believed were still useful, storing his finds at his home and on inherited land, occasionally selling or giving them on to his 'clients'. This enormous collection of fridges, televisions, toys, shoes, books etc... represents a remarkable material history of the town's consumer habits, and I consider it to be an outstanding artwork.

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Christian a été emmenée de force dans un hôpital psychiatrique à Montélimar le 20 Octobre 2009 après que le Maire et sa «Tutelle» a décidé qu'il ne pouvait plus vivre à son domicile. Il y avait une pétition signée par 300 personnes de sa ville natale de Buis les Baronnies en Provence, que demandait que Christian soit liberé. Il a finalement été décidé Christian doit avoir une place en maison de retraite de la ville. Toutefois, après avoir attendu pendant plus de 2 mois à l'hôpital, au cours de laquelle il est devenu de plus en plus déprimé, le 30 Décembre 2009 Christian a eu une crise cardiaque massive et est mort dans le bureau de l'hôpital.

J'espère que le maire de Buis les Baronnies et sa tutelle, une association en Valence pouvent expliquent pourquoi il devrait passer si longtemps dans un hôpital psychiatrique.

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