This video heads the new channel. It helps prove Matthew's Gospel is first.

This is a REVISED video on Matthew 1's genealogy, here showing how he datelines his own book as next after Malachi, 427 years after it, aka 30 AD. You'd have to know Daniel's meter to see all this, for Daniel metered that time. Video here is not final, either, but it's a lot closer to correct. Will keep vetting it.

There ARE textual variants: Byzantine family, verse 6 has 4-5 extra syllables but might be a marginal note; Von Soden's verse 16 has five extra syllables which also looks like a marginal note on Mary's virginity (which is premature and not Matthew's style). In both cases, explanatory text is added, and the 'witnesses' (mss) are very few, comparatively.

So this revision assumes the GNT text is correct.

Revised doc link: or .doc, if you have Bibleworks fonts to read it (not Unicode).

Vid file name: MattMeterR1ab.avi 1/25/14.

Original video description is below. If you want the old (and incorrectly metered) video, just tell me in the comments, and I'll upload it to for anonymous download.
Preliminary video on Matthew 1's genealogy dateline meter. Matthew is to the NT what Moses' Genesis was to the OT, so Matthew's dateline meter will be more comprehensive, playing on Psalm 90 and Isaiah 53. That's why he uses 14 (LEGITIMATE) generations in sets of 3, totalling 42 (to play on Isaiah 53 bookends of 42 each, splitting Psalm 90:1-4's decree, in two).

WARNING: if you want this video, then download it now, because as I fix the meter, I'll keep replacing this video with an update, keeping this same name. In vimeo you can overwrite your videos without having to change the other stats, description, comments, etc. That's a convenience.

My first videos on meter are almost always wrong. Still, the methodology is good. So if you want to play with the meter yourself, download also . If you'd rather edit the doc, then replace 'pdf' with 'doc', but you'll need Bibleworks fonts (at ). The text is the GNT in Bibleworks, pasted with no emendations.

I've not yet checked for textual variants. There will be a lot of changes, so the above MatthewMeter will also be changing. Will take a month or more to get the meter pattern down. All I know for sure right now, is that Matthew is dating from the Temple 490, which went like this (for fuller description with related Bible verses, see ):

* Exodus, 1440 BC, started a 490.
* Deadline for the Temple was thus 950 BC, and it was completed 1 Ethanim of that year, 1Kings 6:1 compared to 8:1 .
* So the next 490 years it had to stay up, taking you to 460 BC,
* but the Temple went down 586 BC.
* Isaiah explained how God would fix that in his perfect meter map, see .
* The 126 represents the shortfall, Temple dying 126 years before its allotment (586-126=460BC), and it would take 140 years to get it back on track,
* hence Daniel 9 is balancing to that track, which is deadlined at 1000th anniversary of David's death, 37AD being the outer time limit for Messiah's life.

* But He died 7 years early, on what would have been the 2nd 490 for the temple, from 950BC to 460 BC to 30AD.
* Christ died on the very day the original Exodus occured (for that was a deadline, too), 490 x 3 years prior.
* Because He died 7 years early, the 69th week has not yet played, when He died. So that's why you've got the 40-year waiting for the Temple, and that missing 7 plays from 64-70 AD. So yes the Trib is yet-future. Which you'd know, if you used BIBLE's convention of SOLAR years, when counting the years in Daniel 9. (Scholars use lunar years and thus screw up the accounting, misdating the 490's ending as Palm Sunday or some other nonsense.)

So Matthew is balancing to all that, but seems to be saying he's writing in the 21st year after Christ died on that 490. There are many ways to audit the idea, because he's used several sevenings to help one triangulate dates which relate to the theme of his gospel. So I'll know more, much later in the year.

In all events, it's so obvious he's the first Gospel (see my Synoptics and Mark channels) that I'm embarrassed for anyone claiming some 'Quelle' or that Mark is first. Paul SURGICALLY quotes Matthew, as do Luke and Mark, so it's a no brainer that Matthew is first. The way the quotes work (i.e., where Christ quotes the OT, He changes it slightly, called 'interpretative quoting'), you can ONLY see those quotes IN Matthew. Duh.

This meter will help prove that Matthew is FIRST, even more. As for the actual meter, all I know now, is that yes it sevens based on 490 (which I didn't expect).

File Name: MattMeter.avi, 1/25/14.

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